5 Elements That Affect Your Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is crucial to the success of your marketing efforts and overall business. Unfortunately, just having a website isn’t enough to guarantee a favourable outcome. Many factors strongly affect your CRO—one of the key elements being web design. 

But first, what is CRO? CRO is an approach of refining the site in a way that maximises the number of visitors to your website who take your desired action. Having a website is important, but as mentioned, it’s not enough to boost your CRO efforts. 

Due to the shorter attention span of users online, you need to capture their attention right away when they’re on your site. That means you need to look into your web design to maximise conversion.

While implementing a solution like Review Engine that helps you to increase conversions by increasing customer loyalty and therefore strengthening your brand, here are some of the other web design elements that you need to pay attention to so that you can boost your CRO: 

1 – Images

Every image on your website is important. The images will help you attract and engage visitors, but that doesn’t mean you just upload images and then you’re done. On the contrary, the images must be optimised properly to increase their chances of making users convert on your site. 

To improve CRO, choose images to use for your web design with human faces. Human faces give site users more connection to the site. In addition to using photos with a personal touch, take the time to optimise your images to ensure that it will not affect the loading speed of your site. 

2 – Typography

Another web design element that plays a crucial to CRO is your typography. Typography is crucial for ensuring that your website content is legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. Choosing the right combination of fonts is important to your web design’s typography. Take time to choose the right one that will compliment what your website is all about and, at the same time, with users in mind. 

3 – Colours

Colours have meanings, and whether you like it or not, each one has an impact on the viewer. Choose a colour for your web design that will reflect the message of your business. You might find yourself in a difficult situation when choosing. The good news is that you can use A/B testing to help you identify which colour converts better. 

4 – White space

Also referred to as negative space, the white space is a part of your web design that is blank or empty. You might think that it doesn’t do anything, but it does more valuable things than simply being a white space. The white space makes users’ eyes wander to one specific content on the webpage and in CRO, this must be your Call-to-Action (CTA). 

5 – Mobile-Friendliness

Maximise your conversion rate by ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly. A growing number of people are using their mobile devices to browse webpages, which is why you need to ensure that they can access your site easily via smartphones and tablets. 

When you consider the five elements above, it’s quite easy to see that web design has a huge role in CRO. When planning out a CRO strategy, make sure that you align it with your web design as doing so will help you see your online business approach to success!

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