3 Simple Web Design Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic – Our Guide

Running a website is a necessary aspect of succeeding today for modern businesses. While it’s a platform that can showcase your quality content, it’s only half the battle. You also visually-oriented elements to immerse your target audience in your brand narrative. 

This means that web design isn’t just eye-candy, but plays a pivotal role in helping your website stand out from the 2 billion live sites on the internet and attract more traffic. Web design works in conjunction with content marketing, SEO, PPC, and various aspects of digital marketing, which is why applying the pillars of good web design below should help you boost your traffic for your bottom line. 

Tip #1: Go For a Responsive Design 

As mentioned above, web design doesn’t only describe its visual elements but also impacts its adaptability depending on the platform a person uses. This means that your website should be responsive to various screen sizes and devices – from mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop. 

With a mobile-friendly design, visitors using different devices don’t need to exert more effort to read your content. 

Seeing as more than 20 per cent of Google searches are done through mobile devices, ensuring you have a responsive design can impact your ranking exponentially. The increase in visibility will invite more traffic to your website. 

Tip #2: Improve Your Site’s Load Speed 

Your site’s load speed is a crucial factor that can make or mar the user experience. It’s a fundamental reflection of how your site responds to web requests, which means it affects site owners and visitors alike. 

A slow-loading site can increase your bounce rate as users will leave in a flash to look for similar websites. To add a double blow, leading search engines like Google also penalises sites with poor loading speeds by lowering their ranking, which would reduce your visibility. 

One way to improve your load speed is to implement a strategy regarding content like images and videos, both of which can affect the speed. Quality graphical content is necessary for boosting engagement, but there are ways to render media files that won’t negatively impact your loading speed. 

Tip #3: Replace JavaScript with CSS3 Transitions 

Modern websites are better off without using JavaScript as it can hide crucial content from search engines. Not to mention, it can slow down your site, resulting in a poor browsing experience for users. 

Instead of relying on JavaScript to improve your website’s visual experience, you can opt for lightweight yet engaging web designs using CSS3 and HTML5. 

The Bottom Line

Web design can affect various aspects of your website’s performance – from the loading speed, responsiveness, and even its readability from search engines. A good web design should be functional as much as it is fashionable to create a seamless experience for users.

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