Five Examples of Awesome Customer Testimonial Pages

A testimonial page is the most important and extremely powerful aspects of your website. Sure, you could use your homepage to sell your company’s benefits. However, it would mean a whole lot more when glowing reviews come from unbiased clients. 

Getting these testimonials is the first hurdle. Once you have ample testimonials, you will have to decide how to display them. If you are looking for inspiration, here are 5 of our favourite customer testimonial pages: 


Xero is an online accounting software that’s targeted at small businesses. The company recognises that the usage of their tool differs from industry to industry. 

So they display testimonial snippets on their homepage with customers’ photographs, name and their job profile/industry and a CTA button that takes you to a “Customer Stories” page where you choose the industry you want to explore to read individual case studies. 


HubSpot is a leading inbound marketing software company that aims to grow your business. They’ve done a great job of convincing visitors by including result-oriented statements, company logos, customer photos, and featured testimonials. 

The moment you land on the testimonial page, you are welcomed with a result-oriented statement such as “200% Increase in Website Traffic”. Click on the Read more button below each headline and you are taken to the full story. 


Casper sells mattresses online and the company has done a great job with their testimonials page. The page allows you to read testimonials for each specific product category. 

Each testimonial has a rating (on a scale of 5 stars), which is great for skimming and features generic avatars to add some personality. The slider-style testimonials section allows you to scroll at your speed and digest the testimonials. 



Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box. When you scroll down to the bottom of their homepage, you will discover a scrolling testimonial box featuring rave reviews from satisfied customers. 

However, these are not your standard scrolling testimonials. 

Birchbox has added some fun personality to the testimonials section by including a fun picture of each customer, a picture of the product they bought alongside a testimonial that captures the excitement of using their product.

LS25 Web Design

Last but by no means least (and we're slightly biased with this one), our very own LS25 Web Design uses Review Engine to surface customer testimonials on our website. We use Review Engine's Wall Of Love to show all our testimonials on our Testimonials Page.

We also utilise the Review Engine scrolling carousel widget on all of our website pages:

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