Top Tips for Making Good Use of Testimonials

Publishing reviews about your product/service is a wonderful way to instil confidence and trust in your brand and seal the deal. A stellar testimonial from a satisfied client can make the difference between a hesitant customer and a conversion. 

So it’s important to get amazing testimonials from your customers and publish them to your website. 

Ask for Feedback

Customers love talking about their projects and they are sure to have some thoughts about your service, so providing feedback is easy. 

By asking for feedback, you’ve made it about them and not about you. And that makes everything easier for you. Not only will they give it priority but they will also be willing to share feedback. What’s more, they know how to give one. 

Include Important Elements in a Testimonial

In addition to the testimonial, be sure to include the customer’s name, date and photograph. If possible, you can even include a link to the client’s website. All of this information will further strengthen the testimonial. 

Get the Design Right

We all know that a good testimonial must include specific details about the product/service. However, what does that really mean?

It means that ambiguous statements such as “love it” or “great product” won’t cut it. Instead, your testimonials must describe what’s so good about your product/service and how it has helped your customers. 

Edit It Right

Remember that you don’t have to use client testimonials in the exact format you’ve received them. 

Be sure to edit the testimonial for spelling/grammatical errors. In fact, if it helps maximise impact, feel free to paraphrase the testimonial.  

At the same time, don’t over-edit it. And ensure to send any significant changes you’ve made back to the client for approval before using it on your website. 

Turn Feedback into Testimonials

If you have a ton of feedback about your product/service, feel free to rework them such that they fit a structure. The testimonial should:

  • Address the customer’s problem. 
  • Alleviate their fears. 
  • Explain how your product/service solved their problem. 
  • Demonstrate your strengths. 

Keep It Short and Sweet

The ideal testimonial is one that’s no longer than a sentence. Very few visitors on your website will have the patience to comb through lengthy testimonials, even if they are replete with compliments.

If you’ve received lengthy testimonials, be sure to take the essence of it or the main point. This will ensure your testimonials have maximum impact. 

Automate the Process with Review Engine 

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