How to Support Your Team While They Work Remotely?

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the way we live and work. The current situation has compelled businesses to carry out businesses remotely. However, remote work comes with its own challenges, especially for business owners and managers.

In addition to maintaining your website, making sales virtually and engaging with your customers, you must also make sure your employees are informed and well-supported. 

In this brief guide, we cover some ways you can support your team working remotely. 

Check-in Regularly

Even though face-to-face meetings are not possible during these times, you can conduct virtual meetings quite effectively. 

Schedule a daily conference call with your team members. Better yet, set aside time for a one-on-one weekly meeting with each of your employees. This way, you can make sure everyone has the latest updates about upcoming tasks and projects. This also provides an opportunity for team bonding and casual discussion. 

Be sure to schedule these check-in meetings at consistent times. 

Show You Care

Don’t limit your communication with your team members to business-related work. You must also reach out periodically to understand how they are feeling. 

Get to know your employees as individuals by asking them about their personal lives whilst also sharing something about yourself so they get to know you better. 

Take efforts to show that you care about your team as people, not just as employees. And be sure to offer them words of encouragement and motivation. 

Maintain the Company Culture

Your company culture is what makes you stand out and it is what keeps your employees aligned to your goals. Although you may be tempted to forgo your company culture given the current situation, the fact of the matter is that work culture is crucial when you are working remotely. 

Define your company values explicitly and be sure to make them a part of your communication and engagement with your employees. 

You could even involve your employees to put together a document that highlights your company’s values, mission, vision and identity. Be sure to circulate this document to everyone for their ready reference. 

Be sure to actively promote your company culture by providing an array of options for your employees to engage with each other on a professional and personal level. Apart from organising regular video calls, you can foster team bonding by chat channels exclusively for fun and leisure.

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