Where Should I Place Customer Testimonials on My Website?

When it comes to improving conversions on your website, credibility is an extremely crucial factor. That’s where customer testimonials come into play. 

A study found that customer testimonials can help boost revenue by 62% per customer. A review is akin to a reference and nudges casual visitors to take action by building trust. 

Strategically placed testimonials and reviews on your website can deliver powerful results. 

Where to Place Customer Testimonials on Your Website?

When it comes to placing customer testimonials, it’s important to make a data-backed decision. This can help you to make the most of your customer testimonials. 

Most businesses place reviews on the homepage. Since many visitors find a business via Google search and land on the homepage, this is an excellent strategy. 

Other equally good places to use customer testimonials and reviews include: 

  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Contact pages
  • Exit intent pop-ups
  • Sidebar
  • Below blog posts 

Track User Behaviour

You could use an array of website behaviour tracking tools to identify the movement of visitors across your site whilst complying with GDPR. 

This data will help understand where your users come from, where they click, which pages they visit, and how they engage with interactive elements such as forms. 

This data can help you to identify the pages on your site you can place customer testimonials on. 

Test, Test, Test

Testing is an equally critical process. While historical data allows you to identify the right places to put your testimonials on, testing allows you to gather hard data to assess the impact of the testimonials. 

Carry out A/B testing on specific pages and assess user behaviour reports to identify the version that shows the most activity around the customer reviews as well as the version that delivers higher conversions. 


Whether you repost a happy customer’s post on social media or use them on your blog, customer reviews can go a long way in boosting your marketing efforts.  

Whether you are looking to boost credibility or increase conversions, it all boils down to collecting testimonials from all your customers. This can become tedious and complicated in no time. After all, when it comes to presenting them and the type of information to include, the options are endless.

That’s why we suggest automating the process. Collecting and displaying customer testimonials is a breeze with Review Engine. 

Get started with a 14-day free trial today.

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