If you are not using customer testimonials as part of your marketing efforts, you are missing out on an extremely powerful tool that could improve your brand presence, conversions and revenue. 

One reason why people purchase your products/services is that they have seen other people using them and saying some lovely things about them. That’s social proof in action and testimonials are an integral part of social proof. 

But how do you ask for testimonials in a way that you get quality reviews you could use for marketing? Here are our expert tips:

Act Immediately 

Getting quality testimonials is all about delivering value before the ask and getting the timing right.

If you have delivered more than you promised, providing five-star customer service, delivering a product/service that exceeds their expectations and making your clients feel like you are right there should they need any assistance, they are usually happy to provide a good testimonial. 

But be sure to ask for testimonials right after you’ve completed the project (if it’s a service) or when they have begun deriving value from your product. 

Give Them a Reason to Say Yes

Every one of us is inundated with messages in the inbox. So if you want to ensure your customers actually open your email and read your message – let alone write a testimonial – you must give them a reason to say yes. 

The easiest way to do that is by offering an incentive for giving a testimonial – say free goodies, a gift card or a discount voucher. 

If that’s out of the question (or budget), write a compelling request, explaining how both you and your client can benefit from their testimonial. 

Make it Easy for Your Customers

Make it really simple and easy for clients to share a testimonial. Often, the most effective way to do that is not to ask for a testimonial. 

Instead, simply ask how they are getting on with your product/service. When they revert with a positive reply, probe further and ash what kind of results they are getting. Next, summarise what they have said and relay it back to them and ask if you can use that as a testimonial. 

That way, you make it absolutely easy and simple for your clients to give you a testimonial. 

Wrapping Up

Client testimonials can make a huge difference to your website, conversions and revenues. The secrete to collecting customer testimonials is asking, giving a compelling reason and making it easy for them to do so.

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